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Artificial intelligence & blockchain: two revolutionary technologies, a perfect match, the synergy of the future

This is how I would characterize the combination of blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence. Separately, each of these technologies is promising and is at the beginning of its development.

Artificial intelligence is like an engine or "brain" that allows you to analyze and make decisions based on the collected data.
Blockchain is a continuous sequential chain of blocks containing information built according to certain rules. In fact, the blockchain has many weaknesses, including in terms of security, scalability and efficiency. And artificial intelligence, in turn, suffers from problems associated with the possibility of violation of privacy, as well as a lack of trust and the ability to explain the principle of operation.

Thus, the combination of these two technologies can have a tremendous revolutionary effect due to the mutual complementation of each other and the construction of a fundamentally new generation of digital systems. Each technology individually is unique, and their integrated use will allow using synergy to obtain a unique innovative result.

AI will allow the blockchain to solve problems in a more intelligent, efficient and cost-effective way.
Blockchain can be used as the basis of decentralized sites and platforms, and artificial intelligence can be used for coordination. As a result of "smart" analysis on the blockchain, the decisions made will be transparent, publicly available, understandable and as effective as possible.

The use of artificial intelligence in blockchain technologies will help to analyze entire arrays of data in block chains in the most efficient way in order to detect fraud, as well as build forecasts of future trends.

For example, in the crypto world, it is possible to use artificial intelligence in trading. Having a huge array of data recorded in the blockchain, information about millions of transactions made earlier, as well as having other input news data, AI will help build a future trend and determine the most profitable entry point for a trader, as well as identify an effective moment position closing.

I can give you another interesting example of combining Artificial Intelligenсе & Machine Learning with blockchain technologies.

In the GRAND TIME crypto project, it is planned to develop tasks for labeling data for AI & ML on a crowdsourcing marketplace.
This means that using the Grand Time platform, the project participants will actively develop artificial intelligence in the future. And this whole process is based on blockchain technologies.

If we consider in more detail, then the users of the GRAND TIME project will be offered the following types of tasks:
- recognition of objects in the picture;
- drawing the boundaries of the specified objects;
- text description.
And for the implementation of these tasks for the development of artificial intelligence, project participants will receive a reward in the form of a GRAND token.

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