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Earning options in the crypto industry: NFTs, P2E games, nodes and testnets (Part 3)


Recently, there have been stories in the news about millions made by investing or selling non-fungible tokens. In 2021, NFT reselling has become a trend. For 6 months, the total value of transactions reached 2.5 billion dollars.

There are 2 main ways to make money with NFTs:

1) Earning on your own NFT.
You need to create your own unique token and earn income as an author. If you want to make money on the creation of NFTs, you can trust only proven marketplaces. In addition, you can not forget about the commission for downloading collections and storing pictures. You need to understand that most often you can sell expensive item of famous creators, recognized works of art.

2) Earn by reselling NFTs.
In this case, you can become an investor by purchasing NFTs, which may increase in value in the future. And, accordingly, at the peak of the cost, it is more expensive to sell it. You need to understand that an artificial hype is often created around the item before the start of sales. This is necessary in order to attract the attention of the maximum number of users. The value of an asset can rise sharply, and then it can also fall sharply.

These risks should always be considered before investing in NFTs.


The opportunity to earn money is the main value of P2E games. In fact, these services offer time monetization: the developers promise players cryptocurrency for the time spent in the game.

The most popular P2E games have all the hallmarks of an investment scheme:
1) initial investment - to play, you have to pay;
2) reinvestment - investing in the development, improvement and updating of your heroes, etc.

It is possible to make money on P2E services, especially during the hype around the game. But the profit cannot be guaranteed, and its size depends on the value of the token, and this is affected by the scale of the hype around the game.


A testnet is a network in which a crypto project is tested. Nodes are the software where this network is hosted.

In fact, nodes and testnets are needed for PR of new projects, as well as for testing new crypto projects. As a result, users can receive rewards, for example, in the form of tokens or NFTs.
As the popularity of the project grows, the token appears on the exchanges, and you can get income from its sale.

In general, testnets are more popular among beginners because they do not require deep knowledge and start-up investments. Installing and maintaining a node can require knowledge and often investment.

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