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Grand Time
Grand Time

Grand token smart contract

Grand Time is a Web 3.0 community-driven crypto ecosystem designed on the basis of blockchain  technologies.The project helps people get to know cryptocurrency and provides them with the opportunity to become financially

independent in the future.

GRAND is the first cryptocurrency backed by time itself! The token was created according to the ERC-20 standard on the Polygon sidechain. 

Link to the Grand smart contract:

What can we see on this page?

The smart contract of the Grand v2 token was created on 22.02.2022 in the Polygon network. As of 24 June 2022, the total token offer is 2,271,186,206 Grand.

The number of token holders is 1,189 (actually that is the number of wallets).

A total of 2,048 transactions under the new Grand v2 token smart contract are registered on the Polygon network.

Here is a graphical overview of the token contract for a certain time period. 

In addition, we can see all transactions in Polygonscan, including transactions for the purchase of the Grand token on the launchpad, which is aimed at promoting the project and attracting investors. The project development in the future will depend on the launchpad results.

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