The safety of funds and user’s personal information that is stored on the website is our priority. To increase security, the service constantly adds new levels of protection, as well as improves audit processes and reduces the “attack surface” in its infrastructure. Within security and intellectual property protection framework, we cannot disclose all the information about the protective measures that are used on our platform.

User Accounts Protection

Not all of the security measures described below are enabled by default, but you can add them yourself in section / security, depending on the level of protection you need. Also in this section you can check account’s security status and see recommendations for its protection.

Withdrawal Protection

The security system automatically monitors funds withdrawal operations by IP address and other common user action patterns, and also initiates a manual check with the administrator if suspicious withdrawal activities are detected.
The withdrawal confirmation procedure is resistant to malicious modules in the browser.
Adding addresses to the white list will prevent the withdrawal of funds to the third-party resources.

Cryptocurrency vault

The majority of digital assets in the system are stored in stand-alone cold wallets. To ensure a high level of security, you cannot access cold wallets from the platform itself and its servers.
Only a few top administrators have the right to manually access the funds in stand-alone cold wallets.

System security

For our platform hosting, we use the latest systems, highly reliable and secure severs.
We use the best computer security practices and protect our servers with the latest software.
The database is automatically backed up once a day.
Once a day, a backup copy of the trading platform database is created, after that it is being encrypted and archived.

Automatic duplication of backup data

The created backup copy (database, log files, etc.) gets immediately sent to several physical servers that are separated from each other.

DDoS attack Protection

We use automatic protection against distributed denial-of-service attacks so that external attacks cannot affect your work.

User Agreement

This User Agreement (hereinafter – the Agreement) defines the terms of use of the website (the “Site”) sections and access to the trading platform (“Platform”).
We strongly recommend that you read our Terms and Conditions and stop using the Site or Platform in case you do not accept them.
This Platform allows active users (“Partners”), generally referred to as the “Clients”, to buy and sell digital assets called “Cryptocurrency” on-line. Also, active users (“Partners”) can be rewarded with GRAND tokens when performing certain tasks on social networks, these tasks are designed to promote the GRAND token and it’s related IT products.
By registering an account (“Account”), the Client confirms and guarantees that:
1. He read, understood and accepted all the terms of this Agreement.
2. He is at least 18 years old and has all legal rights to accept these Terms and to close transactions and perform media tasks on social networks using the platform.

The Service reserves the right to change, add or delete some of these Terms at any time.
We recommend reviewing this User Agreement periodically in order to be up to date with all the changes. In case you continue to use the Services after the changes were made you automatically accept the changes and agree to all the new terms. And as a result you accept the revised User Agreement. As long as you agree to the terms of the User Agreement, the Service will provide you with a personal and non-transferable limited right to enter and use the Site and the Platform.
By agreeing to the current Terms and possible changes, you grant the Service the right to be an intermediary between Sellers and Buyers to perform trading and media activities on social networks using this Platform, according to the following paragraphs, as well as to perform the functions described below.


Platform – a technical, functional and organizational structure managed by the Service so that sellers and buyers can perform Cryptocurrency and token sales transactions. The Platform also provides the generation and control of media tasks to promote the GRAND token on any social networks.
Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency; its creation and control is based on cryptographic methods.

A token is a type of digital currency; its creation and control is based on cryptographic methods.

The following algorithms are used: Proof-of-work, Proof-of-stake, and Delegated Proof-of-stake.
Functioning of such systems is decentralized in distributed computer networks.
Seller – a person who places an offer to sell Cryptocurrencies on the Platform.
Buyer – a person who places an offer to buy Cryptocurrencies on the Platform.
Customer – the buyer or the seller, or any other account holder.
Partner – (Client) a person engaged in GRAND token promotion using all available and legal methods, by performing daily tasks issued and published in the personal account of each User – by the platform.
Transaction – a bilateral agreement between the Buyer and the Seller for Cryptocurrency exchange with the help of the Platform.
Price – the cost in arbitrary units for which the Client is ready to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies using the Platform for transactions.
Commission – the amount that the User’s account is being charged for the operations of the Service.


The Client is personally responsible for the safety of account information from the third parties, including the password and PIN code, as well as for all the actions and operations performed with his account. The Client is responsible to immediately notify the Service in case of any suspicions of unauthorized use of his account or password. Using the recommendations of the Service will ensure maximum security for the information provided to the Service.
The Client has no right to use any other accounts other than his own. The Client does not have the right for any illegal effort to access the Site, and any attempts to do so or any assistance to the third parties in doing so will result in termination of the Client’s services and the loss of all the funds in Client’s account. In situation like that, the Service reserves the right to take any other actions in relation to the Client.
In addition to that, the Client personally responsible to comply with all the legislative requirements related to countering the legalization of income received by criminal means and the financing of terroristic acts. When registering an account, the Client agrees to provide the Service with true and significant information about himself. Such information is requested by the Site during the account registration process. The Client also agrees to keep the information provided relevant and up to date.
If the above rules are violated, the Service reserves the right to refuse their services to the Client without paying back the account balances.
Claims related to any financial transactions are accepted within 30 calendar days from the date of such financial transaction. After this period no claims are accepted. service provides transactions history only for the last 30 days. Older information is automatically deleted to reduce server overload.
The Client acknowledges and agrees that, in order to ensure the safety of Clients’ accounts and monitor fraudulent transactions on the Platform, the Service has the right, by default, to use internal controls and programs for its implementation, to collect and store any information about Clients and their transactions, including Client’s personal information that was provided during account registration, or requested by the Service during transactions, as well as indirect information, including IP addresses, information about the operating system, software configurations, and other information collected using cookies technology.
The Service reserves the right to demand identification information from the Client, depending on the amounts deposited on the accounts or when noticing suspicious activity, that can cause illegal actions.
The Client understands and agrees that if the Service has the reason to believe that money laundering or any other illegal activities are being performed using the Client’s account, the Service has the right to suspend such account and also requires the Client to provide additional information and necessary documents for further investigation.
The Client’s account and all the transactions can be frozen until all the documents provided are reviewed and accepted by the Service as satisfying the law requirements in the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing.
The Service has the right to ask for any additional information from the Client, as well as any necessary documents, at the request of any competent authority or based on any applicable laws or regulations of any country, including legislation on combating fraud and terrorism financing. In case the Client refuses to provide the information requested, only provides it partially or shows inaccurate information and documents, the Service has the right to unilaterally refuse all the services and account maintenance provided to the Client.

Accounts may be used solely for the purposes specified in these Terms. Accounts with no activity for one year or longer can be locked. To unlock the account, the Client needs to contact our support team. An account is considered inactive if its owner entered his account more than a year ago. Accounts that remain inactive for 2 years are subject to closure.


Deposits and withdrawals of funds performed in violation with the rules specified in the forms for funds deposits and withdrawals, including incorrect account requisites are considered lost and are not subject to refund or compensation.


The Client understands and agrees that when he is using the Platform he trades with other Clients, and also recognizes that the Service acts only as an intermediary in such transactions, and not as counterparty. platform is not responsible for the market value of the GRAND token when it is placed on the free market trading on any Cryptocurrency exchange or in any online Cryptocurrency and token exchange office.
Thus, the Client agrees to act in accordance with all the laws and regulations related to operations.
For its part, the Service declares and guarantees that:
1. All the necessary measures will be taken to facilitate and ensure proper transactions between the customers.
2. The transaction price will be calculated based on the free market trading of the GRAND token on any Cryptocurrency exchange and can be presented on the platform through any integration with the third-party services.
3. All the monetary amounts as well as all the Cryptocurrencies deposited by the Client to his account will be stored by the Service on his behalf, according to the information specified in the profile.
4. All the laws and regulations regarding the proposed Platform will be followed.

If the Client violates one or more of the above conditions, the Service has the right to deactivate his account and freeze all the money, as well as the Cryptocurrencies on such account.
The platform is not intended to provide legal, tax, insurance or investment advice. The trading history is provided only for the Users to be aware of the transactions that were made, and should not be considered by them as investment recommendations from the Service. The client is personally responsible for the decisions made in regards of any transaction.


While using the Platform, the Client is obliged to perform transactions according to the conditions described in these Terms.
The seller guarantees that the Cryptocurrency (tokens) offered for sale corresponds to the actual types of Cryptocurrency (tokens).
The buyer guarantees that the currency for the purchase of Cryptocurrency (tokens) corresponds to its actual assets and came from legal sources.
The Client agrees not to use the Platform for money laundering, terrorist financing or to perform any other illegal activities that could harm the functioning of the Platform.
The Client is responsible to independently monitor Platform’s news in order to receive timely information on all the actions performed by the Service on the Platform.
The Client is responsible to review the Platform’s news published on the official accounts of the platform on social networks regularly. The Client agrees that he is solely responsible for the loss of funds resulting from the failure to comply with the recommendations published on the Platform Website.
The Client understands that the only way to submit any claims to the service is through the form provided by support. The Platform will not respond or react to the Client’s issues and complaints published on forums and social networks, as well as verbally.


The Service has all the intellectual property rights to all the materials posted on the platform. The Client does not have the right to copy, distribute, reproduce, republish, download, transmit, modify, publish or otherwise use the materials posted on the Platform.


The Client confirms his owner’s rights to use the money and Cryptocurrencies (tokens) on his account, and that all the transactions performed do not violate the rights of any third parties or applicable laws. The Client agrees to reimburse the Service for all the losses incurred by the Service for violating the third parties rights or applicable laws through the fault of the Client.
      The platform is not responsible for any direct and indirect losses incurred during the use of the site, if the damage caused is not created through the violation of these Terms by the Platform.
     The platform is not responsible for malfunctions, breakdowns, delays or lack of Internet access, or for any other reasons the Site is not available for use at any time or during any period.
The site may contain links to the third-party websites as information resources provided by the third parties. The Service is not responsible for the content and actions of such sites, as well as for your privacy protection while using them; therefore it is strongly recommended that you read the privacy policy of each site you visit.
Our current Privacy Policy applies only to the “” site and does not control and is not responsible for sites located on domains other than
In case of any illegal activities of the third-party sites referenced by the Site or the actions of Clients, the Service will provide all the necessary information, including names, addresses and other requested information to the relevant state authorities. The Client understands that his account may be frozen at any time at the request of any competent government agency.
The Service is not responsible for the losses incurred as a result of the third parties software (nodes, wallets) failures, software (nodes, wallets) failures provided by the third parties, as well as in blockchains problems and as a result of any other technical specifications of cryptocurrencies traded on the exchanges.
The Service also cannot be held liable for the losses resulted from the situation when the Service was not notified at all or notified with any delays by the developers or representatives of the cryptocurrency (tokens) about any problems with this cryptocurrency (tokens), including all kinds of forks, technical problems with the node or any other problems potentially leading to the loss of funds. In this case, the Client may reimburse the lost funds to the Service in two possible ways.
The priority way to reimburse the funds is to receive a full refund from the developers or representatives of such cryptocurrency. The second option to reimburse the losses is to write off the funds from the customers’ balances in accordance with the amounts deposited in this particular cryptocurrency while using the Service.
These Terms do not in any way affect the User’s legal rights.
These Terms do not in any way exclude or limit the liability of all the parties for fraud, death or personal injury caused by negligence, violation of laws, or any other activity that cannot be legally limited or excluded.
To summarize, the total Service’s liability that can occur as a result of or in consequence with the use of the Site and / or the Platform by the Client, under no circumstances will exceed the total amount available on the claimant’s account minus the commission amount, in case such commission is applicable, or 100% of the transaction (s) amount that are the subject to the claim minus the amount of the commission.


In the event if the Client has a complaint or does not agree with these Terms, he may close his account at any time.
The Client also agrees that the Service may limit the Client’s access to the Site, as well as delete accounts, block access to the Site and its contents, and also stop providing any services. The Service has the right to take any technical and legal measures to prohibit the use of the Site by the Client, if the Service has a reason to believe that the Client is guilty of creating judicial liability situations or violates the intellectual property rights of the third parties, as well as the rights of other clients or the terms of this agreement.
     The platform has the right to suspend or terminate the service for the Client’s accounts for any reason, including, but not limited to:
(1) attempts to access the Site or the account of another member
(2) bypass of the security software that restricts the use or protects any information on the Site
(3) use of the Platform to perform any unauthorized activities, including the legalization of illegally acquired proceeds, as well as terrorism financing  or other criminal activities
(4) violation of these Terms
(5) unforeseen difficulties in operating systems

(6) law enforcement or other government agencies requests
(7) high activity (more than 100 transactions) per the day
(8) public or private insults of platform employees
(9) threats to the stuff of the support team.
The Client agrees and understands that his accounts may be frozen until he provides all the required documents to the Service to confirm his identity, in case the service considers it is necessary for further servicing the Client’s accounts, as well as for operations and / or work of the Platform.


In case of force majeure, according to the current legislation, the fulfillment of any obligations to the affected party will be suspended until further investigation.
In the event that the relevant competent judicial authority considers any conditions of the Terms to be null and void, this condition will be executed to the maximum extent possible, and all the other conditions will remain in full force.


If any questions related to these Terms and / or use of the Site and the Platform arise, the Client may contact the Support team.
[email protected]


This Privacy Policy determines platform’s (hereinafter “GRAND”, “we”) responsibilities for non-disclosure and protection of the confidential personal information.
This privacy policy regulates all the actions associated with the collection, storage, dissemination and protection of User’s information confidentiality, as well as sets obligations and requirements for the User and the Website.
This privacy policy describes the methods and tools that the website is applying to process, store and protect User’s data.
This Privacy Policy applies only to “” website. “GRAND” does not control and is not responsible for the sites located on domains other than (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”).

Web site

This website and its owners take all the necessary organizational and technical measures to ensure confidentiality and protection of the User’s information.


We have the right to verify the authenticity of the information provided by the User, his identification card or other documentation using the third-party databases. You understand and agree that your information / documentation will be used in the following cases.

Use of Cookies

The company uses cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies to collect information about User interaction on the website.
Cookies are small files that are downloaded to the User’s computer hard drive when the User is visiting this website. They help to store data about user’s actions and use of the website.
This website uses Google Analytics service to track User’s actions on the Site. You can find out more about the Google Privacy Policy here:

Event Log Data

By accepting our analytic cookies, you help us to determine how you use our website and give us an opportunity to provide the highest quality service while visiting our website.
We can collect data about what actions the User performs on the Site. Such data includes:
the Internet Protocol address of the User’s computer (“IP”), the type and version of the browser, our website pages visited by the User, the time and date of the visit, as well as the time spent on these pages and other statistics. 

Contacts and interaction

Interaction with “” is initiated by the User; personal information authorized for processing under this Privacy Policy is provided by the User at his own risk.
The User’s personal data is stored in a safe and confidential mode for no longer than it is necessary to process it and is used strictly for the purpose specified in this Privacy Policy.
We use the data provided by the User to present additional information about the products and services we offer, as well as to improve the services we provide or to resolve issues.

In addition, we may use your data to inform you of some important news. We may send you messages containing marketing and advertising information about our products and services by e-mail.
We do not share personal information with the third parties.


“” makes every effort to protect the privacy of Users’ personal information. Despite these efforts that are designed to ensure and store personal information collected through the Site, we cannot 100% guarantee the security of personal data during transmission or storage in our systems.
We cannot guarantee the absolute security of your personal data and its protection against loss and misuse.

Links to external sites

The site may contain links to the third-party websites. If you click on the link of a third-party site, you will be redirected to this third-party website. The company is not responsible for the content and actions of such sites, as well as for ensuring your privacy, therefore it is strongly recommended to read the privacy policy of each site that you visit.

Changes to this Policy

It is recommended to review this Privacy Policy periodically in order to be up to date with all the changes. If you continue to use the Services after the changes take place, you automatically accept the revised Privacy Policy. has the right to update, edit and change this Privacy Policy, and then immediately publish it on the Site.
The Privacy Policy changes come into effect immediately after their publication, unless otherwise specified in the changes themselves. By continuing to use the Services, you respectively accept the Privacy Policy with all the changes.