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Grand Time
Grand Time

What do you know about Grand Time?

The project has been around for almost 5 years.

Here is the chronology of the main events of the project: 👇🏻

🔹26.12.2017 - the project birthday;

🔹22.05.2020 - GRAND received the ERC-20 token status in the Ethereum blockchain;

🔹10.07.2020 - launch of the project website;

🔹November 2021 - the GRAND token Launchpad has started;

🔹December 2021 - the GRAND token fork with migration to the Polygon network started.

🔹22.02.2022 - launch of a new smart contract of the Grand v2 token on the Polygon sidechain.

 🔹11.04.2022 - relaunch of the launchpad.

 At the moment, the 21st phase of the Launchpad is in progress. The main goal of the launchpad is to attract investment into the project. 

The development of the Grand Time project is determined by the plan specified in the road map.

The listing on the exchange is scheduled after the launchpad completion. It is also planned to create its own Grand Wallet, NFTs terminal and auction, its own Grand Exchange, advertising platform, development of Grand Time school, charitable directions, etc. 

The project is developing and becoming known to more and more people in the world!

GRAND TIME has a bright future ahead! 

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