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Leveraging the capabilities of blockchain technology, Grand Time provides an effective way for people in all countries and skill levels to have an additional source of income, communication & skill boost. By earning Grand rewards, members not only have an ability to gain financial independence but join a growing community of like-minded people around the world.

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With the community offering extensive financial and crypto education as well as P2P 24/7 support, Grand Time provides its members with all the tools they need to transform their financial independence into something truly meaningful. For example, as the platform expands, holding Grand Rewards becomes a lucrative investment opportunity in its right, providing members with an additional potential revenue stream & other benefits.

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No matter where you’re located, or what your educational background is, we have work waiting you for.

No Specific Skills

With tasks ranging from the simplest to the most advanced, we offer a broad range of work that caters to all abilities.

The Freedom To

With the flexibility of Grand Time, you work as much or as little as you like, whenever you like. The choice is yours.

A Community

Become part of a global community that offers advice, education, and support to all its members.

Unique Project

Our unique project archictecture will allow you to earn, study, receive grand rewards and exchange and buy on our marketplace

Rewards Earning Platform

Crowdsourcing Micro Task Marketplace




Rewards Exchange

Grow Your Finances & Skills

With our unique project framework, you learn while you earn.

Even with few skills, you can start by working on the simplest of the microtask jobs on our platform.

As you work, you learn valuable new abilities from our free school and from our community.

You receive crypto payment in Grand Rewards for the work you’ve done.

Your rewards will be able to be exchanged for available cryptocurrencies, traditional currency, or goods and services available in our marketplace.

The Grand School

If you need help getting started on our platform, we offer a free school that teaches you everything from how to complete your microtasks to managing your crypto payments.

Offering personal guidance and mentorship to every student on the program, our school turns even the least confident students into empowered, independent individuals.


With Grand Time already improving the lives of countless people worldwide, read what our community members have to say about the project.

Live Earnings From Our Users

With our unique project framework, you learn while you earn.

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