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Grand Time
Grand Time

Grand NFT

They are at the peak of popularity, are the subject of discussion and cause a desire to get them into a private collection.  

Of course, we are talking about NFTs.

Will the Grand Time project release its own NFTs? 

Absolutely, yes. 💯

The project platform is constantly evolving, and the Grand Time trading platform will become a marketplace where daily unique GRAND NFT tokens will be placed.

It is planned to hold auctions daily, immediately after the release of 10 GRAND NFT. 

What will the GRAND NFTs holder get? First, he will be able to see a certain image associated with this day, collecting all 10 GRAND NFTs released during the day. And  he will be able to sell it at auction in the future.

Second, it's possible that one day's GRAND NFT will cost tens, hundreds, or thousands of times more than on the day of release because of its uniqueness. 

The GRAND NFT Marketplace will attract bidders and increase the value of the GRAND token and the popularity of the entire project as well  🙌🏻

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