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Grand Time is Your All-In-One Crypto Community Ecosystem

Grand time is a decentralized Web 3.0 crypto ecosystem that helps introduce millions of new people into the crypto community through the accessible and simple Grand Time platform & Grand Token. In order to make this vision a reality, Grand Time has turned learning about crypto & using cryptocurrencies into a social, community-oriented experience. Unlike many other projects which are far too complicated and aimed only at crypto veterans and blockchain experts, Grand Time is for everyone, as it makes using innovative technologies such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs and metaverse easier than ever before.


What is Grand Time

Decentralized Blockchain Platform

Grand Time is a decentralized and democratic ecosystem dedicated to the original values of the blockchain community. Decentralized governance means that the community has the final say in the development of the project.

Inclusive Worldwide Community

Currently, Grand Time is a vibrant and rapidly expanding community of thousands of blockchain enthusiasts and crypto investors from 88+ countries. We further the spread of crypto adoption by connecting people through blockchain.

Transparency and Accessibility

Our dedication to transparency guarantees a fair and clear reward system. All members of the Grand Time community are rewarded proportionally to their time input and can withdraw their tokens whenever they want.

One Ecosystem for All Daily Crypto Interactions

Grand Time is a vast decentralized ecosystem consisting of a multitude of independent but synergic solutions, all powered by the Grand token. It’s the first Web 3.0 crypto ecosystem which can fulfill all your blockchain needs in one place.

Security and Fairness

Protection of the funds of all members of the Grand Time community is of utmost importance. All transactions in the Grand ecosystem are fully secure, which can be verified through auditable smart contracts.

Scalable platform

The Grand Time ecosystem is designed to be able to accomodate a rapidly growing community. Increasing number of users and transactions does not have a negative impact on the performance of Grand Time solutions.

Why Grand token is the next big thing

Crypto Wallet
Grand Wallet is used to receive Grand tokens from the Grand Social Mining Reward System, and to safely deposit, store and withdraw Grand tokens as well as other ERC-20 tokens.
Crypto Exchange
All Grand tokens and tokens created on Grand Terminal can be traded on the Grand Exchange. Functionalities typical to decentralized exchanges allow every user to maintain full control over his or her funds without the need to trust a central authority.
VR World
Grand Metaverse is a virtual reality platform owned by its users and powered by the Grand Token. You can use all products from the Grand Time ecosystem in metaverse. Create and host your own VR world, meet and connect with other users, socialize, learn, collaborate and attend or host live VR or AR events and much more.
Social Mining Platform
Social mining allows everyone to turn time into money - literally. Register on the platform, receive social media tasks, promote the project - each second you spend will be exchanged for Grand token rewards.
Crypto Messenger
Grand Messenger is an encrypted messaging app allowing you to communicate and exchange currencies through P2P transfers with friends and like-minded people.
Crypto School
Grand School will serve as an accessible entry point to the cryptocurrency ecosystem by teaching people how to earn, trade and use Grand tokens.
Grand Token is the native digital asset of the entire blockchain ecosystem. Grand works as a reference currency for the equity flow in the whole platform and powers all Grand solutions.
NFT Auction
Members of the Grand Time community will be able to collect unique NFT Grand Time tokens and own a full day that they want. All Grand Time NFT tokens will be socially minded and purchasable at auctions.
Token Terminal
Grand Terminal is the token launch platform enabling organizations and individuals to create and easily manage their own Grand-based tokens.

Join the Grand token sale

You may join the Launchpad and invest in the Grand Token. The purchased Grand Tokens will be immediately granted to your ERC-20 wallet, and you will be able to track their value in the live mode. At the end of the launchpad, Grand will be listed on popular crypto exchanges for the price of the last phase, for $0.11 per 1 Grand token.

Invest in the Grand Token with

Any Cryptocurrency

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Card payments are credited up to 3 business days.

Card payments are credited up to 3 business days.
ETH direct deposits are credited up to 6 hours.

Watch Launchpad Plan Explainer Video

Unique 201 Phase Launchpad

The sale of Grand Token will be conducted in 3 rounds and 201 phases. During the first round and 1 phase it will be sold 10M Grand Tokens for the price of $0.0005 per 1 Grand token. 

During the second round, for phases 2-101 ,it will be sold 190M Grand Tokens. 1.9M tokens will be made available for purchase in each phase. With each phase from 2-101, the price will be increased by $0.0001. The second phase price will be $0.0010, the third $0.0011, the fourth $0.0012 per 1 Grand Token and so on. 

During the third round, for phases 102-201 it will be sold 800M Grand Tokens. 8M tokens will be made available for purchase in each phase. With each phase from 102 to 201, the price will be increased by $0.001. The 102 phase price will be $0.011, the 103 phase price will be $0.012 per 1 Grand Token and so on. 

In total, 1 Billion Grand Tokens will be made available for purchase. At the end of the launchpad, Grand will be listed on popular crypto exchanges for the price of the last phase, for $0.11 per 1 Grand token.

Token Distribution

Launchpad Grand Token supply is 1B

50% to Grand Time Community Development

35% to Strategic Platform development

10% to Team & Advisory Board

5% to Project Marketing

Token Distribution 2

Grand Time Road Map

Grand Time Road Map

Launch of Grand Time Exchange & Grand Metaverse

2023 Q1

Launch of the center with decimal time measurement system

2023 Q2

Launch of Grand Mainnet

2023 Q3

Launch of Grand Decentralized financial system

2023 Q4

Establishing the sustainable Grand Ecosystem and Continued Project Development


Grand Listing at Major Crypto Exchanges

2022 Q4

Launch of NFT Auction & NFT Terminal

2022 Q3

Grand School V2 Launch on the Platform

2022 Q2

Launch of Grand Time mobile app & start of the development of Grand Metaverse with a decimal time measurement system

2022 Q1

Advertising platform launch

Launch of Grand Time internal Advertising platform

2021 Q2

Grand Exchange

Development of internal grand exchange and preparing of legal & financial solutions

2021 Q3

Grand Terminal & Auction

Development of Grand Terminal & Grand Time NFT tokens auction

2021 Q4

Start of Grand Token Sale Launchpad

Nov 12, 2021

DeFi Exchnage Pre-Listing

Grand Token pre-listed in Defi exchange

2021 Q1

Platform Launch

Grand Time platform release, Grand messenger and Grand social mining platform launch.

2020 Q3

Grand Token

Grand token release; Development of Grand Time Platform and Grand Social Mining; Release of Grand Wallet

2020 Q2

Grand Development

Grand Community Development in 35+ Countries

2018 Q2 - 2020 Q1

Start Project

Grand Time Founded,
Early Advisors Joined

2017 Q4

Grand School V1

Grand School V1 (Alpha-Beta test in Messengers)

2018 Q1

Core Grand Time Team

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