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Grand Time – Tokenize Your Time

Grand Time is an ecosystem of powerful Web 3.0 solutions designed to make the transition to a decentralized economy much faster and smoother for everyone. By introducing new people to crypto through the accessible and simple Grand Time platform and Grand Token that is backed by Grand Time unique concept of decentralized decimal time measurement system, our project gives everyone a chance to become financially independent – especially for 1.9 billion people from developing markets.


What is Grand Time

Decentralized Blockchain-Enabled Platform

Grand Time is aiming to be a fully decentralized and democratic ecosystem created with a clear mission to introduce billions of people to the world of cryptocurrencies by making crypto as accessible and easy-to-use & earn as possible to everyone - even complete beginners!

Community-Driven Platform

Grand Time is a user-friendly, community driven platform featuring 24/7 networking & support. Regardless of your experience and skill level, Grand Time chats available in many different languages enable you to easily find supportive, like minded community members & new friends who will help you learn to use crypto safely and efficiently.

Profitable For Everyone

The value of time is something that is instinctively well-known to everyone. With Grand Time, you can simply turn your time into money by performing simple tasks that don’t require any skill. People in developing countries are empowered to improve their finances easily!

One Ecosystem for All Daily Crypto Interactions

Grand Time is a beginner-friendly crypto ecosystem consisting of a multitude of solutions designed to empower people in developing countries and blockchain beginners to get into crypto easily. It’s the first Web 3.0 crypto ecosystem that can fulfill all your blockchain needs in one place.

Security and Fairness

Protection of the funds of all Grand Time community members is our top priority. All transactions in the Grand ecosystem are transparent & fully secure, which can be verified through the Polygon network and audited smart contracts.

Scalable platform

The Grand Time ecosystem is designed to be able to accommodate a quickly growing community. The rapidly expanding number of Grand Time platform users will only increase the total value of the Grand Time ecosystem & Grand Token.

Grand time blockchain-enabled decentralized time ecosystem

Grand Time Blockchain-Enabled Decentralized Time Ecosystem allows you to turn your time into tokens. Grand Time decentralizes time, which makes it the first cryptocurrency backed by time itself!

Grand Time’s decentralized time is based on an easy to understand system of decimal time that divides every day into 10 equal parts – Grand hours. In each grand hour there are 100 Grand minutes, and each Grand minute is 100 Grand seconds. Finally, each Grand second is divided into 100 Grands, which gives a total of 10,000,000 GRANDs a day.

Grand Time’s decimal time is fully transparent. We decentralize time, and give you full control over it. The government doesn’t have any power over your time anymore – you can easily profit from turning it into tokens!

Another advantage of the Blockchain-Enabled Decentralized Time Ecosystem is the fact that it doesn’t have any time zones. In every part of the world, it is always the same time, which means that everyone is equal.

Other Benefits of Grand Time’s Decentralized Time:
· Bringing people together
· Turning time into tokens
· Saving you a lot of effort

Our mission is to implement a new economic model that makes people rich and independent through the tokenization and decentralization of time itself. Money used to be backed by gold. With Grand Time, money will start to be backed by time!

Why Grand token is the next big thing

Grand Time platform has its own currency – Grand Token. Grand is a reference currency for the equity flow & all transactions in the whole ecosystem, powering all products of the Grand Time platform.
Crypto School
Grand School is a beginner-friendly platform, allowing everyone to learn the basics of crypto and blockchain technology with the help of one on one mentorship of more experienced Grand Time’ users and AR/VR technologies. Both students and mentors earn Grand Rewards while learning more about crypto and the Grand Time platform itself.
Social Mining Platform
Social mining platform is the core part of GRAND Time Ecosystem, as it allows everyone without any professional skills to turn time into token - literally. Register on the platform, perform social media tasks, promote the project, and perform Gig tasks ordered by advertisers - each task you complete will be exchanged for GRAND rewards.
Community & Messenger
Our community is the most valued part of the Grand Time ecosystem. Grand Time chats are available in different languages 24/7 and help crypto beginners to network with like-minded individuals from around the world and discuss crypto & blockchain topics while finding new friends.
Grand Wallet is used to receive, store and withdraw Grands from the whole Grand Time products ecosystem.
GIG Tasks Marketplace
Two-sided GIG marketplace for ordering & completing any simple digital tasks (surveys, voting, feedback, airdrops, comments, likes…), which are placed by businesses and performed by Grand Time community members for crypto rewards on the Social Mining platform.
Dex Exchange
All GRAND tokens can be traded on the GRAND DEX Exchange inside of the platform or swapped to other cryptos in the Grand Exchange Program.
NFT Marketplace
Members of the Grand Time community are able to collect unique NFT Grand Time tokens, create their own or participate in Grand Social NFT projects. One of them is Grand Ecology project with a mission to plant 10 Million trees and get rewarded with trees NFT tokens. More social projects are coming soon.

Join the Grand token sale

You may join the Launchpad and invest in the Grand Token. The purchased Grand Tokens will be immediately granted to your ERC-20 wallet, and you will be able to track their value in the live mode. At the end of the launchpad, Grand will be listed on popular crypto exchanges for the price of the last phase, for $0.11 per 1 Grand token.

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Card payments are credited up to 3 business days.

Card payments are credited up to 3 business days.
ETH direct deposits are credited up to 6 hours.

Watch Token Sale Explainer Video

Unique 201 Phase Launchpad

The sale of Grand Token will be conducted in 3 rounds and 201 phases. During the first round and 1 phase it will be sold 10M Grand Tokens for the price of $0.0005 per 1 Grand token. 

During the second round, for phases 2-101 ,it will be sold 190M Grand Tokens. 1.9M tokens will be made available for purchase in each phase. With each phase from 2-101, the price will be increased by $0.0001. The second phase price will be $0.0010, the third $0.0011, the fourth $0.0012 per 1 Grand Token and so on. 

During the third round, for phases 102-201 it will be sold 800M Grand Tokens. 8M tokens will be made available for purchase in each phase. With each phase from 102 to 201, the price will be increased by $0.001. The 102 phase price will be $0.011, the 103 phase price will be $0.012 per 1 Grand Token and so on. 

In total, 1 Billion Grand Tokens will be made available for purchase. At the end of the launchpad, Grand will be listed on popular crypto exchanges for the price of the last phase, for $0.11 per 1 Grand token.

Token Distribution

Launchpad Grand Token supply is 1B

50% to Grand Time Community Development

35% to Strategic Platform development

10% to Team & Advisory Board

5% to Project Marketing

Token Distribution 2

Grand Time Road Map

Grand Time Road Map

Grand Token Release

Grand Token Launch in Ethereum Network

2020 Q2

Grand Social Mining (Beta)

Community Growth in 35+ Countries

2018 Q2 - 2020 Q1

Grand School V1

Grand School V1 in Messengers

2018 Q1

Grand Time Founded

Start of the project in social media, early advisors joined

2017 Q4

Grand Social Mining Live

Grand Social Mining
Launch with 1 Network

2020 Q3

Grand Messenger (Beta)

Grand Messenger Beta Version Release

2020 Q4

Web 3.0 Advertising Platform Launch (Beta)

Launch of Grand Time Internal Advertising Platform Beta Version

2021 Q2

Grand Time Launchpad Platform

Grand Time Launchpad Platform

2021 Q3

Grand Crypto News & Grand Market Cap

 Launch of Grand Crypto News Feed & Price -Tracking Widget for Crypto Assets

2022 Q2

Grand Token Migration

Grand Token Fork to Polygon Network. Resume of Token Sale

2022 Q1

Grand Time Exchange Program

Launch of Grand Time Exchange Program with Minted Token Burn Deflationary Mechanism

2021 Q4

Start of Grand Token Sale

Launch of Grand Token Sale On Grand Time Launchpad Platform

2021 Q4

Launch Of Grand Time Mobile App

Grand Time App Release
in App & Play Store

2022 Q3

Grand Listing At Major Crypto Exchanges

End of the Grand Token Sale on the Launchpad Platform and Token Listing on CEX & DEX Exchanges

2022 Q4

Grand Time Exchange (Partnership)

Launch of Decentralized Exchange for Grand Community in Partnership with leading DEX

2023 Q1

Grand Time NFT Marketplace (Partnership)

Launch of NFT Marketplace in Partnership With Leading NFT platform

2023 Q2

Establishing The Sustainable Grand Ecosystem and Continued Project Development


Grand Metaverse School

Launch of First VR & AR Grand Crypto School for Interactive Education


Strategic and Network Partners

Core Grand Time Team

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