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With companies across the globe spending an increasingly inordinate amount of time and money managing the delivery of microtasks, Grand Time offers a cost-effective Web3 solution.

Connecting businesses and crowd of workers in a single worldwide blockchain community, we get the right jobs to the right people at the right price.

With Grand Time, managing microtasks has never been so easy.

Connecting Businesses To
A Worldwide Workforce
Grand Time for Companies

Whatever your microtask requirements — from data search & collection, data labeling, surveys, tests or even offline trees planting — we offer a high-performance, crowd outsourced alternative that saves your company significant time and money.

Grand Time for Emerging Market Communities

No matter where you’re based, you can earn a stress-free income by performing simple online tasks like data search & collection, tagging, surveys etc. or offline tasks like tree planting and more. Secure, reliable, and convenient, Grand Time provides paid work 24/7 for its members along with a host of other community benefits such as education, skill boost & communication with like-minded people.

Decentralized platform with support for blockchain technology

Designed to cater to a worldwide community of businesses and workers, Grand Time offers endless potential.


With multi-layered security serving every member of the community, your money is protected at all times.


While our working members can earn money, our business members save money - a win win for everyone.


As a member of Grand Time’s community, you’re never on your own. With 24/7 communication and support, there’s always someone there for you.

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Grand Rewards
The Heart Of The System

With traditional crowdsourcing and global payment platforms such as Amazon Turk and Paypal operating within geographical and financial restrictions, workers from emerging markets (Africa, India, Eastern Europe, etc.) can face issues when it comes to getting work and, most importantly, getting paid for it.

No Limits. No Borders. No Problem.

Grand Time sidesteps these issues through the use of Grand Rewards. Using the Grand Rewards, businesses can pay unbanked gig workers with ease, while workers not only gain access to a wider range of job opportunities but gain a foothold in the ever-growing world of decentralized finance.

Serving as the base currency for all tasks and transactions in the Grand Time ecosystem, the Grand Rewards is a multifaceted solution that offers its holders profound worth beyond its intrinsic value.

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